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366 Degrees - Customer Connections Simplified

We help businesses leverage Marketing Automation & current investments in CRM to provide sales and marketers real-time engagement & lead visibility. Our focus is growing your business. Our solution is to provide Simple Software that allows Business Owners, Marketers and Sales Professionals to use every day to attract, nurture, acquire, retain & connect new customers. Our API’s give you access to the stored data and also allows you to build your own integrations for creating contacts, activities and other records directly into 366 Degrees.

NOTE: To utilize the 366 Degrees API’s you will be required to have a 366 Degrees site. You can obtain your sites APP_KEY and APP_SECRET by logging into your 366 Degrees instance, navigating to Portal Admin | Company Profile and selecting the Global Settings tab.

Get All Contacts From 366 Degrees

This will return a full list of contacts from your 366 Degrees instance.

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Get Contact Record Details

This will return all fields associated with a contact email address from your 366 Degrees instance.

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Contact Create/Update

This will allow you to create or update a contact record in your 366 Degrees instance.

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Add Activity To Activity Stream

This will allow you to add an activity event to the 366 Degrees Activity Stream for a particular contact record.

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Get Activities From Activity Stream

This will return the list of all activities (from 366 Degrees Activity Stream) for the specified email address.

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